Stage 4 – Inspiration Books

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Books with impact

Vacations are around the corner and you may have the inspiration to read a book or two on self-development.

I have picked the book that made the biggest impression on me in the last years and really initiated me changing my behaviour.

As YouTube is a golden source of information, I found references for each book you can take a look at.

“Nice girls don’t get the corner office” by Louise P. Frankel

An assessment on how women behave in the workplace and how it is perceived. This is a workbook with very practical tips and aha’s.

Lois P. Frankel, author of “Nice girls don’t get the corner office”, on how to get your dream job

“You, inc” by Harry Beckwith & Christine Clifford Beckwith – the art of selling yourself;

also a eye opening practical book on demystifying sales.

You, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself | Christine Clifford

The Wealth Chef” by Ann Wilson – great guide to get knowledgeable about managing money.

Welcome To The ‘Wealth Chef’ YouTube Channel

“The Five dysfunctions of a team” by Patrick M. Lencioni – amazing analysis of team dynamics

THE 5 DYSFUNCTIONS OF A TEAM by Patrick Lencioni | Core Message

“Crucial Conversations” by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan & Al Switzler

CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS by K. Patterson, J. Grenny, R. Mcmillan, and A. Switzler | Core Message

“Double you business” by Cassie Parks

Episode 082: Doubling Your Business with Cassie Parks

And for diving into other worlds …. Anything Robert Ludlum or the Medici. And once I start diving, it’s hard to get me back to the surface.

How-To Create & Boost Your Career and Dreams With Powerful Vision-Boards

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I love vision boards and I have been creating vision boards for 12 years. The first one was when I finished my NLP practitioner course. We had a huge variety of newspapers and magazines and just started creating. I then put it on the back side of the door of my office. As the door was always open, I didn’t see it often.

About 2 years later I was standing in front of this board and realised, that everything I had put on it, became real. This moment was magical.

Since then I create vision boards every one or 2 years or at significant milestones in my life.

Last weekend I created a new one, because “womenloveconsulting” is very important to me and I have the feeling and the dream, that it will change my life.

My intention was:

how do i want my life to look like? How do i want to feel? What are affirmations that will support me?

How did I go about it?

  1. I bought about 10 different magazines: basically every magazine that inspired me; that was close to my interests or sparked something in my. So I had a Flow Magazine, Elle, Cooking, Yoga, Women in Business, Law, Sport, Decoration,….
  2. Then I had a very long afternoon/evening to myself to indulge in these magazines. Read or brows through and cut out every picture or sentence that spoke to me.
  3. The next day I layed out a Din A0 paper and wrote all affirmations onto this paper.
  4. Then I glued the pictures that still inspired me onto this board.
  5. Finally I put post-its to 3 pictures and wrote down, how I will feel. Example: one pictures was about 3 exercises: I feel strong, confident, hot, content, happy, relieved

This vision board is now in front of my desk and I see it every day. Putting the feelings onto it made it more powerful and intimate than any other board before. Therefore the vision board you see is the one I created 2019.

If you are up for a guided vision boarding session (e.g.: via zoom), just let me know.

Appreciation – Be Kind


This week was a blast. After sending out the very first newsletter in my life, I was blown away by direct responses and emails of encouragement. Never in my life had I expected something like this.

I was in the flow – and my internal critic was very quiet. I don’t know about you, but I have an internal voice that talks to me. Sometimes in an encouraging way and sometimes not. I can get quite nasty with myself… “why haven’t I started earlier”, “Again taking notes ? I should have said something”,… Let alone my conversations in front of the bathroom mirror.

AND 6 months ago, I had a wonderful coach, Ginny Gane, who asked me to write 3 appreciations about myself every evening.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary,

Appreciation = is the act of recognizing or understanding that something in valuable or important. (in comparison to being grateful = is showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person).

Investing 10 – 15 minutes a day and thinking about, what I appreciated about myself in this day – felt strange at first. And being consistent – daily. Too.

  • I appreciated, that I integrated the students questions during my key note. I feel cool.
  • I appreciated, that I encouraged relaxed a young colleague during an conversation. I feel grounded.
  • I appreciate, that I highlight the funny networking situation with my husband. I feel encouraging.

What this exercise does is, that you highlight valuable and important things every day – you take care of yourself (selfcare). And you build your confidence muscle. One of the core muscles not only for your career but for life.

Give it a try – and write your appreciations down.

I appreciate …. . I feel… .

I would love to know, what you experience.