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This week was a blast. After sending out the very first newsletter in my life, I was blown away by direct responses and emails of encouragement. Never in my life had I expected something like this.

I was in the flow – and my internal critic was very quiet. I don’t know about you, but I have an internal voice that talks to me. Sometimes in an encouraging way and sometimes not. I can get quite nasty with myself… “why haven’t I started earlier”, “Again taking notes ? I should have said something”,… Let alone my conversations in front of the bathroom mirror.

AND 6 months ago, I had a wonderful coach, Ginny Gane, who asked me to write 3 appreciations about myself every evening.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary,

Appreciation = is the act of recognizing or understanding that something in valuable or important. (in comparison to being grateful = is showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person).

Investing 10 – 15 minutes a day and thinking about, what I appreciated about myself in this day – felt strange at first. And being consistent – daily. Too.

  • I appreciated, that I integrated the students questions during my key note. I feel cool.
  • I appreciated, that I encouraged relaxed a young colleague during an conversation. I feel grounded.
  • I appreciate, that I highlight the funny networking situation with my husband. I feel encouraging.

What this exercise does is, that you highlight valuable and important things every day – you take care of yourself (selfcare). And you build your confidence muscle. One of the core muscles not only for your career but for life.

Give it a try – and write your appreciations down.

I appreciate …. . I feel… .

I would love to know, what you experience.

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