18 years and I still love consulting

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What is consulting? What do you do? Can I start in consulting in the middle of my career?

Recently I got asked a lot of questions regarding my career, what I do and how I do it. So finally, I have the guts to share my personal story.

I started in consulting by accident – in a small software company – not convinced that this was the right path with my business background. This sweet spot between business and IT became my playground:

  • Changing technologies – the common denominator: time for testing during the roll-out is a scare resource.
  • Different departments, like marketing, IT, production, after-sales, engineering – you are working for one company, but these departments sometimes have different cultures / languages, as if they were different companies.
  • Different Industries – when you understand the specific vocabulary, you will find a lot of similarities.
  • Different counties – lunch time between 20 minutes and 2hrs. Remember, when you are at an airport and you know the shortest way to the washrooms from any corner of this airport – you have been there too often. Ask me regarding Hamburg, Copenhagen, Munich or Zurich.
  • My clients – I have met so many amazing people and fascinating companies. Do I get along with everyone? For sure not. And we do agree to disagree from time to time.

And I love meeting new people and serving them to thrive in their business.

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So, what is the added value of this blog?

I would like to start a conversation. What questions do you have? Are there any blogs, videos I can prepare for you?

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